27/03/2017 L'équipe d'EDHEC Alumni à la rencontre des diplômés de Bruxelles

En tant que diplômé, tous les membres d'EDHEC Alumni peuvent à tout moment bénéficier gratuitement d'un entretien de conseils carrière. Ces entretiens sont réalisables à distance (téléphone ou Skype) ou physiquement sur nos campus (Paris, Nice, Lille et Londres). Nos consultants se déplacent également régulièrement pour rencontrer les diplômés en France et à l'étranger.

Lors de son séjour à Bruxelles le 16 avril, Silvia Marichalar, International Career Manager à l'EDHEC, a proposé des rendez-vous individuels gratuits d'une heure pour faire le point sur la carrière d'alumni et les services que le Career Center peut vous proposer, en tant que diplômé EDHEC.


Voici une sélection de témoignages : 

Alumni promo MBA 2005 :

"I found very interesting the feedback that I have received about my cv to value my key skills and Silvias’ advices have been very helpful to highlight my profile.  I received valuable advices related to the definition of my professional project in order to properly target jobs in accordance with it. I really appreciated also the advices for the optimization of the networking strategy taking in to account that I have a wide range of contacts in my professional environment and I am not used to develop any networking strategy.”


Alumni Msc in European Business promo 2004

"I was pleased to learn that EDHEC kick-started its career services with visits to its local networks, like here Brussels. The meeting provided a very good bird's eye view for my career search, including but not limited to the network beyond different tools, a vast variety of professional clubs, webinars, conferences, networking events organized by each in English and French. With the strenghts the EDHEC network already provides, these can be powerful tools, if used in their full potential.”


Alumni EDHEC Grande Ecole promo 1988

"Silvia provided me with very valuable advices to access to different interesting resources, conferences and tips to manage efficiently my networking strategy. She also helped me for the preparation of my pitch.  Her advices are relevant and suitable to respond to the needs that I have expressed before we meet. I deeply recommend this service to any alumni looking for a job or who anticipates to do it shortly."


Alumni EDHEC Grande Ecole 2001

"After working 10 years as IT consultant for the European Commission in Brussels, I have started envisaging facing new exciting professional challenges. Thus, when I received late February an e-mail from EDHEC indicating that an International Career Manager could propose free interviews for EDHEC Alumni, I just told to myself that it would be the perfect kick for starting searching for another job.

On 16 March I met Silvia Marichalar for a one-hour interview aiming first at clarifying my professional project(s) and identifying job opportunities. Silvia has been very responsive and helpful as she presented me all the tools, methodologies and web-conferences, which the EDHEC career centre has at disposal in its website. I have no doubt this will be very helpful in my job research, all the more as my targeted possible jobs are embracing for now a large range of activities and could require studying again full-time (or following an executive training program while pursuing my assignment for an additional year). Therefore such reflexions need to be structured and planned step-by-step in order not to waste my energy and to lead to a concrete job opportunity."


Alumni EDHEC Grande Ecole 2004

"Meeting Silvia MARICHALA has been very beneficial to my professional journey. She was able to answer my questions despite the fact that my job is new and unknown in France. She was keen and able to feed my reflection; she put me in contact with the right people, few hours following our meeting. I am now in contact with those people who, I know, will be valuable in my journey. I am delighted that Edhec offers such services and I grew up from this exchange and I am proud to be part of the Edhec network"

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Après ses entretiens individuels, Silvia Marichalar a rencontré la communauté en compagnie de Géraldine Simon, international community manager à EDHEC Alumni au Space Laser Game récemment lancé par l'un des ambassadeurs EDHEC Belgique Jérôme Desombre.

Une petite dizaine de diplômés a accepté l'invitation des ambassadeurs du Club Philippe Louchet, Philippe Labro et Jérôme Desombre et de l'équipe EDHEC Alumni.


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